Text books for all examinations are published by the Sabha and are available in the Sabha office. A discount of 25% will be allowed to those who purchase more than 10 books by paying cash. If the books are to be sent to out-station places,the postal expenses will have to be borne by the concerned individuals.

Following are the cost of Text books:

Examination Text Book Price
Prathama Samskrita Bhasha Deepika-I 20.00
Dwiteeya Samskrita Bhasha Deepika-II 20.00
Truteeya-1st Paper Samskrita Bhasha Deepika-III 20.00
Truteeya-2nd Paper Anuvaada Pradeepa-I 20.00
Tureeya-1st Paper Samskrita Bhasha Deepika-IV 30.00
Tureeya-2nd Paper Anuvaada Pradeepa-II 30.00
Pravesha-1st Paper Samskrita Bhasha Deepika-V 30.00
Pravesha-2nd Paper Anuvaada Pradeepa-III 30.00


Click below to download the form for ordering textbooks.

pdf file for print

Word file for online submission through email

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