Truteeya is the third examination in the Simple Samskrit Examination series. This examination comprises two papers.

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Complete coverage of the syllabus with audio, images, animations, self-evaluated exercises with answers and much more.

Examination: Truteeya Paper-I
Text Book: Samskrita Bhasha Deepika-III (Sanskrit only)
Price: 30.00

Examination: Truteeya Paper-II
Text Book: Anuvaada Pradeepa Part-I (Available in both English and Kannada)
Price: 30.00

The first textbook includes lessons with more advanced usage of noun and verb forms. Poetry section includes subhashitas, extracts from the Kumarasambhava and Raamodanta. Grammar portion in the main textbook covers vyanjana and visarga sandhis.

The second textbook includes translations. It helps the students to build skills of translating sentences to Sanskrit, and from Sanskrit to English/Kannada. Guided translation exercises are provided, covering different vibhaktis, indeclinables, adjectives, krudantavyayas, numbers, etc. There are also sections on essay writing and letter writing.

Examination: Truteeya Paper I and II
Exam Fees: 60.00
Duration of the exam for Paper I: 3.00hrs (10.00 AM to 1.00 PM)
Duration of the exam for Paper II: 1.30hrs (2.30 PM to 4.00 PM)
Marks for Paper I: 100 (Min. passing marks – 35)
Marks for Paper II: 50 (Min. passing marks – 18)

In the Triteeya examination-approximately 75 marks are expected in Samskrita. The rest can be in Samskrita, Kannada or English.

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