Eligibility and Rules

Prathama, Dwiteeya, Triteeya, Tureeya and Pravesha are the five Simple Samskrit examinations which are conducted by the sabha twice a year during January and August(Usually the last Sunday of the month).


Age is no restriction to appear for the Sabha examinations.Any interested person can appear for the examination.

Students can also appear for any examination directly (Passing the previous examination is not compulsary for taking higher examinations, though it is recommended that students take up the examinations in order, to gain a good knowledge of Sanskrit).

Those who have passed the SSLC examination with Samskrita as the first language are not allowed to take Prathama and Dwiteeya examinations.Such students can appear directly for Triteeya or higher examinations.

Rules for Students

Examination fees once paid will not be refunded or carried over to the next examination or transferred to any other candidate.

If, in any case,the examination centre has to be changed,the Secretary of the Sabha should be informed anout this one month earlier.

In the Prathama Examination, students should answer in Sanskrit for 20 marks. For the rest, answers can be in Sanskrit or Kannada or English.

In Dwiteeya Examination, for 40marks answers should be in Sanskrit and for the remaining 60marks answers can be written in Sanskrit or Kannada or English.

In the Triteeya examination, answers for 60marks should be in Sanskrit.

In the Tureeya and Pravesha examinations, except translation, answers should be completely in Sanskrit only.

Rules for Study Centre Heads/Teachers

1. The hall tickets, answer booklets and other examination stationery will be sent to the respective examination centre by the sabha in a sealed packet. This has to be opened at the centres and separated carefully. The sealed covers containing question papers are to be kept in safe custody. On the day of the examination, the Chief Superintendent must open the sealed covers 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination after obtaining the signature of the witnesses.

2. Any discrepancy in the examination stationery/ items should be brought to the notice of the Sabha immediately.

3. Date and time of the examination should not be changed under any circumstances.

4. The chief superintendents of the respective examination centres are requested to invite a well-known person of the place for overseeing the examinations, obtain their opinion in writing & send the same to the sabha.

5. The invigilators must take care to see that the students write their correct registration numbers clearly. Seal or name of the centre should not be marked on the answer sheets.

6. All details in the attendance report should be filled. Names and registration numbers of absentees are to be written & sent to the sabha without fail.

7. Answer booklets should be arranged as per the order of registration numbers, attendance sheets should be tied on top of the sealed covers containing the answer booklets of their respective examinations and tied securely.

8. For every thirty students, one invigilator can be appointed. Relievers can be appointed as mentioned below.

a. 250 students – 1 Reliever.
b. 250-500 students – 2 Relievers.
c. 500-1000 students – 4 Relievers.

9. For more than 30 students, one sub-staff can be appointed for every 100 students. If the number of students is less than 30, there can be no Invigilator and no sub-staff.

10. The sealed cover containing the answer booklets & nominal roll of the students must be sent to the sabha the very next day of the examination by registered post/courier, or personally handed over to the secretary of the sabha. No delay in sending the answer booklets will be admissible. The receipts of the registered parcel & remuneration bill of the Chief Superintendent/Invigilators/sub-staff should be sent in a separate cover to this sabha.

11. Remuneration for the examinations :
a. Remuneration for the Chief Superintendent – Rs. 35 (Thirty Five only) for one session. Rs. 50 (Fifty only) for both sessions.
b. Invigilators – Rs. 25 (Twenty Five only) for one session. -Rs. 35 (Thirty Five only) for both sessions.The same remuneration holds good for the relievers also.
c. Sub-staff – Rs. 15 (Fifteen only) for one session or both sessions.

The last date to send the application forms with the stipulated examination fees will be 10th December for the January examination and 10th July for the August examinations.

But, with a late fees of Rs.1/- per application, applications can be submitted upto 10 days from the last date fixed. Application forms and fees will not be entertained after that period.

The teachers can deduct 30% of the total fees collected and send the remaining amount through a Bank Draft drawn infavour of “The Secretary,Sri Surasarswathi Sabha,Sringeri” to the following address:

The Secretary,
Sri Surasaraswathi Sabha Sringeri,
#5/1,Abhinava Mandira,
Sri Shankara Math Premises,
Shankara Math Road,

The exam fees and the prices of the books may change depending on various factors.Hence, the teachers are advised to get the rates confirmed before collecting the amount from the students.

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