Dwiteeya is the second examination in the Simple Samskrit Examination series.

Click here to view the e-learning portal for Dwithiya – Complete coverage of the syllabus with audio, images, animations, self-evaluated exercises with answers and much more. 

Text Book: Samskrita Bhasha Deepika-II (Available in both Kannada and English)
Price: 20.00

This examination introduces more noun forms and verb forms. Prose section of the textbook contains several short lessons which help to build comprehension and knowledge of basic grammar concepts. There is a poetry section including subhashitas and an extract from the Ramayana. Grammar portion covers some more svarasandhis, concepts of indeclinables, prefixes, etc, and different tenses.

Exam Fees: 20.00
Duration of the exam: 2.30hrs (10.00 AM to 12.30 PM)
Marks: 100 (Min. passing marks – 35)

In Dwiteeya Examination, approximately 75 marks answers should be in Sanskrit and for the remaining marks, answers can be written in Sanskrit or Kannada or English.

Click here to view the application form of Dwiteeya examination


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