Pravesha is the fifth examination in the Simple Samskrit Examination series. This examination comprises two papers.

Examination: Pravesha Paper-I
Text Book: Samskrita Bhasha Deepika-V (Sanskrit only)
Price: 30.00

Examination: Pravesha Paper-II
Text Book: Anuvaada Pradeepa Part-III (Sanskrit only)
Price: 30.00

Pravesha is intended to provide an entry to the students to the study of advanced Samskrita shaastras and kaavyas. The first textbook includes selected portions from different Samskrita kaavyas, including Gadya (Prose), Padya (Poetry) and Roopaka (Drama).

The second textbook includes translations. It helps the students to build skills of translating sentences to Sanskrit, and from Sanskrit to English/Kannada. Guided translation exercises are provided, covering verb forms of many special dhaatus, in different lakaaras. Essay writing also forms a part of this paper.

Examination: Pravesha Paper I and II
Exam Fees: 60.00
Duration of the exam for Paper I: 3.00hrs (10.00 AM to 1.00 PM)
Duration of the exam for Paper II: 1.30hrs (2.30 PM to 4.00 PM)
Marks for Paper I: 100 (Min. passing marks – 35)
Marks for Paper II: 50 (Min. passing marks – 18)

All answers in the Pravesha examination should be completely in Samskrit only (except translations).

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